Udupi District Pre-University Principal's Association – In association with Pre-University Education Department, Udupi District, running the organisation with good administration, clarity in the work and taking care of all the purposes as defined by the Karnataka State PU College Principal’s Association.

The following are the important activities:

1. All the exams defined for the PU students are conducted on schedule.

2. As per the notification of the State PU Department, curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted.

3. Workshops to the lecturers in improving their quality and teaching ability and in the preparation of question papers are done with the help of experts.

4. Principal's are given administrative level training to run the colleges in an efficient way.

5. Retired principal’s and the office officials of the PU Department are recognised and honoured.

6. The students who have scored meritorious marks in the state level PU examination and students who have represented Karnataka in sports are identified and honored at the Udupi district level.

7. Many more such activities are taken up under the guidance of the DD and the senior officials of the PU Department.